Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saving the country

The growing queue of Britain's self-appointed saviours

First it was Gordon Brown who said it. Now it's Deva Kumarsiri's turn, the Nottingham postmaster who got himself into a small media storm for banning people who can't speak English from his post office.

Amidst rumours that he may now face the sack, the self-professed Jeremy Clarkson fan retorted: "I'll carry on fighting for the working people. Now I've started trying to save the country, I suppose I'll just have to carry on", he told the Daily Mail, without a shred of irony.

This afternoon it was confirmed that Mr Kumarsiri has left his job. Perhaps the busybody could join the 800,000 Britons who live in Spain. Most of them have been there for years and still haven't bothered to pick up a single word of Spanish. Go on, Mr Kumarsiri, show them how it's done.

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Helen Highwater said...

Not that unusual - I was in a taxi on Monday driven by a man who moved to Birmingham from India in 1969. As far as he's concerned, all the new immigrants are rubbish, be they from Asia or Europe.