Thursday, March 26, 2009

Max Hastings: "nihilist of the Left"?

Gall, hypocrisy and ridiculous contradictions in the wonky world of the Daily Mail.

In the wake of Tuesday's attack against Fred Goodwin's property in Edinburgh, Stephen Glover writes in today's Daily Mail that "we should all beware of the nihilists of the Left... itching to reduce this country to anarchy". "The potentially violent minority", he carries on, "[...]has been whipped up by people who should have known better", adding that "the publicly funded BBC" was particularly responsible for goading the public against Goodwin, to the point that "the Austrian Joseph Fritzl, who raped and imprisoned his own daughter, was scarcely portrayed as a more detestable creature". "Lay off the bankers. Stop exciting the mob", he concludes.

Indeed one article in particular-written by journalist and historian Max Hastings only FIVE days ago- did look like a seriously inflammatory rant. Titled 'Seize their Porsches and throw them in jail!', it lashed out uncompromisingly at bankers, derivative traders and the likes of Goodwin. "This is why we must stand outside their homes throwing rocks through the windows until they [acknowledge responsibility for the crisis]", was his clarion call, with the conclusion that "[m]orally, the Great Train Robbers, Heathrow bullion thieves and suchlike were more impressive. Although they were crooks, at least they knew it".

And guess which paper published Max Hastings' call to arms? The Daily Mail.

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Madam Miaow said...

Perhaps Glover and Dacre are worried that they are next.