Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Beautiful animals and ugly people

Mrs Beckham proves that not all fashionistas are all mink and no knickers - by Emma Munn

Glamorous, stylish, down to earth and with principles.
How refreshing it is to see one of the 'A-list' choosing not to wear slaughtered animals on their body. It seems that most stars think fur=glamour but the lovely Victoria Beckham seems to think otherwise. She stepped into mega-posh London hotel Claridges yesterday wearing a fake-fur wrap, proudly proclaiming, "There's no way I'd wear real fur, let alone think of using it for any of my designs. I just couldn't do it."

It just shows that you don't need to shed the blood of innocent animals to look sophisticated. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen take note.
These two rather odd, withered creatures (the love children of Wurzel Gummidge and Mortitia Adams) are proud endorsers of the fur trade, adorning themselves with pelts at any opportunity - They are one example of how fur definitely doesn't make you look good. Also, Beyonce Knowles, renowned for her snakeskin bags and love of Chinchillas (dead ones) proved herself as an animal lover last year when, at a zoo, she insisted that a baby lizard's mouth was taped up before she held it. I guess she's not to sort of person you'd want to call when you need a cat-sitter.

Finally, Monsteradio favourite Coleen Mcloughlin proclaimed that, "animals were put on this earth to be worn by humans" a few months ago. She obviously doesn't realise that insulation has come a long way since Homo Erectus roamed the earth.
Maybe Victoria should write another book, this time about how to look beautiful without maiming, and send copies to the foul creatures listed above who deserve to be skinned alive themselves?

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