Thursday, April 17, 2008

Put this woman on an island somewhere

It's not every day that I read an article that makes me see red, however it happened yesterday. It makes you really question reality/decency when parents like Alicia Douvall exist.

The glamour 'model' (who to be honest is more freakish than glam), who has bedded the majority of Z-list celebrities, and is famous for her kiss and tells, has announced that she's buying her daughter some boobs on her 16th birthday.

Alicia, who has had over 50 surgeries on her body in the past decade (with her 13th boob-job looming), wants her 12 year old Georgia to become a topless model like herself when she's older.
She said "I think a 16 year old with a nice, sexy figure will do really well as a model if she's managed properly... I didn't know she was worried about her flat chest... She'll become more famous than Britney!", to which the rather sad looking child added, "I think it's normal to have surgery if somethings not quite right"
Alicia, then remarked, "I'm happy for Georgia to have a boob-job because it will give her a career"

By now, I hope you've managed to keep your puke in your mouth rather than all over your computer screen.

Firstly, if you've been brought up by such an ignorant creature like Alicia, it's very likely that you're going to have a highly distorted view of life.
This poor child is growing up thinking that the only way of being successful in life is to have an enormous pair of tits, take your clothes off, fall out of clubs and sleep with men and tell the world (or, News of the World) She will believe that it's normal to have tons of plastic surgery if you have flaws, and no doubt grow up with the lowest self-esteem known to man.
Why? Because of her mother, and this is all she has known.

What ever happened to encouraging your children to use their brain and get a decent education? Since when was having big boobs the only way to get a career?
Aside from the fact that getting your boobs done at 16 should be illegal (in my opinion), Alicia has obviously forgotten that her child is just entering puberty, and of course she's going to have a flat chest.
It is worrying that a 12 year old child like Georgia even thinks about breast enlargement, but the truly revolting thing is the fact that her mother is the one encouraging it.

However, get used to calling Georgia 'Destiny' in future, because her mum's already changed her name in preparation for her future career, despite the fact that her gran said it sounded 'like the name of a lapdancer'

That proves a lot really, doesn't it? Poor kid.

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