Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not the breast one to trust

Trust The Sun to chip in with some in-depth analyses. WHO'S THE BREAST MAYOR? is their contribution to the London elections debate. A headline that must have taken them ages. Not to mention the byline, "page 3 babes tell you who their favourite man-ifesto is". Don't you love those old British values...

Staying with the London elections, you can also get the whiff of Rupert Murdoch's new direction. Headlines like "Ken to give asylum seekers cut price bus travel" and worn-out talks of the Mayor's alleged "motorists bashing exercise" aren't designed to go down well with Sun readers. For sure, they set off nicely the Sun's coverage of Boris, or rather "Beau-ris", "the ladies' choice", in their own words. If that was the case, free NHS glasses to London ladies should be a no.1 priority. Listen out, Ken.

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