Monday, October 13, 2008

Booze & Britain


You've got to start worrying when there's a Daily Mail article you agree with. Last week it happened at least three times, so I'm officially worried. But this one penned by Sarah Lyall, an American writer, is absolutely bang on. "Why are you Brits such DRUNKS?", it reads. And it's not your usual Daily Mail whingeing. It makes a number of realistic points and, if any of you are even vaguely familiar with Britain, then it should ring a bell. There's even a photo of paralytic people down Broad Street in Birmingham on a Saturday night.

It features anecdotes related to the strange relationship between social ineptitude and binge drinking, adding that: "For the British, alcohol is a relaxant, an emollient, a crutch, a relief, an excuse".

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