Saturday, October 18, 2008


It used to be the country's best paper!

Sorry to return to the subject of The Independent and their "it's official - Birmingham is the UK’s ugliest city" report. But I couldn't resist the temptation. Just look at how those fine minds work. On the same page, they decided to stick this black and white picture of the 60s Bull Ring, a building that disappeared nine years ago. Which is like having a photo of Bobby Moore to go with a piece about last night's England world cup qualifier.

So, either a) they're so inept that they can't even run a Google search to grab hold of a photo of something that is still standing; or b) their argument is so feeble that they had to back it up with a black and white photo of a long-gone shopping centre. Either way, it's lazy, deceptive, manipulative. Proper shit journalism of the worst kind, how else would you call it?


Madam Miaow said...

Why so surprised? We all knew the moment Roger Alton took over (from editing the pro-war, pro-New Labour Observer) the beloved Indy would be wall-to-wall with Madonna, pop, celebrity, soft-core suburban sex and anything else to take our minds off certain, ahem, "issues" abroad in the world.

Good blog, all.

Mike said...

I agree. Spot on. Unbelievable incompetence from the Indy.