Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daily Star: "Give The Jobs To Whites"

Tucked beneath a pair of tits, a 'hot babe', a 'video vixen' and a 'celeb woman', the titty rag contributes to the immigration debate.

Speaking to the CBI conference, Trevor Phillips, chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, said that "the economic downturn threatened a rise in right-wing extremism if a perception that migrants were taking jobs gained ground". "In some parts of the country the colour of failure is not black and brown... it's white - especially in some rural areas," he told the BBC.

So what does the supreme Daily Star do? Tucked beneath a pair of tits, a 'hot babe', a 'video vixen' and a 'celeb woman', its headline recites: GIVE THE JOBS TO WHITES. Then look at how they misleadingly paraphrase what Phillips said in order give their own opinion more weight: "Ministers had strayed too far in helping ethnic minorities and immigrants and faced alienating whites". Perhaps they should stick to what they know best i.e. salivating over pictures of mammary glands and jerkin' the gherkin during the toilet break. Spreading themselves too thin doesn't seem to be doing the Daily Star much good...


claude said...

Good gracious...What's happening to Britain??? Or should this feat be interpreted as 'cheeky' and 'ironic' and 'lighten up mate' yet again???

This sets an official precedent though. The bar's been lowered.

Picture the scene. You go for a job, and you're told "YOu've got all the right skills, you know" then they eye you up and down, stare at you for a bit and say "No, sorry. YOu're not white enough".
I wonder what skin hue would do...?

What about those slappers that apply to be paraded as naked pieces of meat on the Star? I take it a non-white one could forget the pleasure of landing that 'job'?

Paul Kossack said...

Yeah, exactly. How white do you have to be? Should Rio Ferdinand fear for his own job?

Anonymous said...

You may giggle at the Star and look down on them but that is the feeling common across the whole country. White Brits are feeling downtrodden and no amount of leftist propaganda will stop that.

There are no jobs left for the young in particular, leaving them with little hope for a future.
Result - anti-social behaviour and a benefits culture. No more immigrants are needed.

Macbeth said...

Remember, the more immigrants you have, the more services are used, so the more immigrants you need to provide those services, which wil in turn create a demand for services, so you'll need more immigration - until this country has 100 million people and more! An utter nonsense! We do NOT 'need' immigrants at all. Immigration has NO NET BENEFIT to this overcrowded country and creates huge problems.

Companies could and should train British kids and will only do so if immigrants are not available. Having said that, sadly our education system has been americanised and dumbed down into a comprehensiive mess - and that is really the problem. We should have kept selective schools and apprenticeships.

Alison said...

The debate on immigration is fair.
But when they start to involve skin colour into this then no thanks. I agree with the article on this blog. This jobs to whites stuff is a dangerous path to go about and the people at the Daily Star should have given it more thought.

I appreciate headlines are a very brief summary and cannot refer to a full quote, but there's ways and ways. They knew what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I went to the solarium... that's it for me... my jobhopes out the door. Wessels

claude said...

Yeah, that's right. David Dickinson, Dale Winton, Cristiano ROnaldo, and 4/5 of Girls ALoud should all watch it...their job's at risk!!!!