Monday, October 27, 2008

Pressure on Chelsy

Can someone help Prince Harry's girlfriend? She can't cope with the discipline and terrible demands of UK universities.

Warning, you may actually cry a tear when you read about this. First she had to cut down on her 'party lifestyle'. But now...what's going on? How cruel can society be when Prince Harry's girlfriend Chelsy Davy is contemplating jacking in her Uni career "because her workload is so intense"?

British universities are already a notoriously serious, selective, hard-working affair. If you ever went to one, you probably know that partying and drinking are reduced to a bare minimum, submitted work is regulated by extremely tight deadlines and attendance rates are strictly monitored. 'Course, such huge workload is designed to mould you for your future working life, and everybody knows how ready our graduates are when they emerge from their courses. You can only guess how horrible the pressure on poor Chelsy must be. Given the good that the Royals and their fiances do for our country, can't those ruthless bores just turn a blind eye and make her life a little easier?

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