Monday, December 08, 2008

The Express: "Queen snubbed"

How could it slip our minds that there's a Royal family to feed?

We almost forgot. As we got bogged down in discussions about scroungers and child-killers, it slipped our minds that there's a Royal family to feed. Rumour has it the last time they had something to eat or drink was at Prince Charles' 60th birthday bash.

But luckily the Daily Express is giving Britain's Head of State the attention she's due. "QUEEN IS SNUBBED OVER PLEA FOR CASH TO FIX HER PALACES " is one of their main headlines today. In his article, Royal correspondent Richard Palmer points out that: "Whitehall officials have told the 82-year-old monarch that she must face a spending freeze for the next three years". And this while those Westminster commies have brough forward a "huge increase in Government spending".

It almost makes you feel ashamed. What an ungrateful country. The Queen "has advised her family to avoid public displays of extravagance and urged aides to emphasise her thriftiness". The Express points out that "Princes William and Harry have not been seen out at London nightclubs with their girlfriends, Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy, in the past few weeks" and still the politicians are being petty and ungiving.

Palmer quotes a royal estate insider: "The Queen wants to make savings like everyone else. She’s decided enough is enough and wants to be self-sufficient". You can just imagine her sitting by the radio darning Philip's socks because she can't afford trips to Harrods for new ones. And Tesco Value beans (on toast) will be served for dinner.

The royals are the epitome of the Great British Spirit. Resilient. Unbeaten. Unweathered.

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