Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Al Gore. He accused the world of having more interest in Paris Hilton, OJ Simpson and Anna Nicole Smith than saving the planet. "This celebrity-obsessed world had lost its way", he said.

"Is it a crime to throw your shoes at the President of the United States? If so, is it a serious felony deserving a savage beating and a spell in jail, or a minor offence to be dealt with by a fine and a ticking-off?" Believe it or not, these were questions asked by the Mail's Peter Hitchens. And denouncing the arrest and savage treatment of Muntadar al-Zeidi (the shoethrower), he added: "If the new Iraq is so free and democratic, why is this happening? We all know the truth. The claims of freedom are a fake and a lie, like everything else about this war". Fair play, Hitchens, fair play.

Johann Hari in the Independent on Wednesday. He called Cheryl Cole "most over-rated celebrity of 2008". Damn right. The Girls Aloud Saint is the epitome of Britain's pathological obsession with celebrities. Alone she's grabbing more headlines (for no reason) than David and Victoria Beckham in their 90s heyday. It must be to do with our feudal history.

I'm seriously worried, but I can't disagree with this piece can't type it... Ann Widdecombe. The former Conservative MP wrote a piece in the Express about "the barrage of nasty material to which children are so routinely subjected" these days.


Sean Mercer. The scumbag 'gangstaprick' who killed Rhys Jones was sentenced for at least 22 years. Let's just hope that, while in prison, he gets his arse ripped to shreds.

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