Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alfie the golden goose

The British tabloids' obsession with anything related to "children" borders on the pederastic.

Tons of unusual things happen everyday which go unreported or end up amongst the minor news section. However, you can be sure that if it's something involving a minor then the British tabloids' borderline-pederastic obsession with children means it will hit the headlines.

In the recent case of Alfie, even though a baby faced 13-year-old becoming a father is not representative of the country at large at all, the predatory tabloids spotted a golden goose and landed on it like vultures. It's yet more grist to the mill of the usual liberal bashers.

It turns out that while they're playing the game of who can shout 'outrage!' the loudest, the Sun and the People may have actually paid money to the family of Alfie Patten in exchange for an 'EXCLUSIVE'. Cue Britain's head publicist Max Clifford, the same guy who's raking in the millions for Jade Goody and her kids. The Press Complaints Commission has begun investigating the claims on the grounds that paying minors or their parents for material involving children is in breach of "Clause 6 (iv) of the Editors' Code of Practice".

And, in the meantime, Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail goes on a rampage with her predictable finger-pointing at the "liberal intelligentsia", "the madness of sex education" and "our tragically degraded times". Yawn.

What Melanie doesn't pick up on though is that this is country is being turned into a giant freak show to be milked for money. The guardians of morality shout it's going to the dogs but they give the alleged 'culprits' some cash to make it an exclusive so that they can make money off the back of it. Welcome to the Jeremy Kylification of Britain.


Martin Parker said...

I don't know how Mr Clifford can sleep at night.

His faux sincerity is sickening. I can hardly bear to watch the man or hear him speak.

Allowing himself to be called a 'very close friend' of Goody is laughable. He wouldn't touch the likes of Goody with a 50ft pole if she wasn't paying him to. And now Alfie's family...

He has vileness oozing out of every pore.

Helen Highwater said...

Clifford seems to be behind everyone. I so wasn't surprised to hear he was involved in this Alfie/Maisie/Waynetta Slob drama, just like I wasn't surprised when he jumped right in with that girl-wot-Russell-Brand-did-rude-consenting-adult-things-with.

I think a bit more sex education would've benefited this pair - didn't the father say he didn't realise it was sex, or he didn't realise he could get his girlfriend pregnant? What's rather horrifying is that the father has a spare school uniform which he keeps at his girlfriend's house for when he stays the night. At 13. I don't want to sound like a ranty lunatic, but what are their parents doing, ffs?!

Stan Moss said...

I concur.
But let's just hope the Sun was just being taken for a ride so as to make money off them.
That would be truly fucked up wouldn't it?

Their own obsession with everything child-related turning full circle and backfiring.

P.S. The parents probably read the Sun.

Anonymous said...

admit it, you just wanted to use the word.... pederastic

claude said...

Maybe. That word reminds me of the Jesus in 'The Big Lebowski' :-)