Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grief fest and the Daily Mail...

...or when columnists feel the need to tell you how David Cameron is doing in the wake of a personal tragedy.

Yesterday David Cameron was hit by a tragic event; his 6-year-old son Ivan died following complications related to his chronic illness. Only folks who have suffered a similar fate would probably able to know what if feel like to lose a child prematurely.

But in case you are finding it so difficult to think of how David Cameron may be feeling at the moment, help comes in the guise of the useful Daily Mail. Theirs is a top notch grief-fest where columnists, guest editors and chief pontificators are queueing up to offer their ability to perceive clearly or deeply the inner nature of things. Move away Danielle Steel, here come the new kids on the block.

Alison Pearson: 'I could see the tenderness and fierce pride in Cameron's eye' (note: one eye only, the other eye must have looked harsh and ashamed); Geoffrey Levy: 'How the short life of Ivan turned David Cameron from 'cocky toff' into passionate leader'; Harry Phibbs: 'Cameron's love for Ivan showed the true mettle of the man'.

How about the normally acid-as-bleach Quentin Letts? Surely he would refrain from this feast of sentimental slush? Well, how's this for an answer: 'It cannot have been easy. He did it with dignity': Gordon puts politics and personal tragedy aside to remember Ivan'. And finally, Britain's best daily couldn't miss out on the roll call of politicians offering their condolences.