Monday, February 23, 2009


More on the wonderful world of UK tabloids.

Brian Reade in Thursday's Mirror: "Why Jade Goody is a national treasure". The opinionator notes that "There's been much rewriting of attitudes towards Jade Goody as she loses her fight with cancer". Goody "enriched our culture", and only "high brow snobs" would resent that.

Perhaps Reade was thinking of his own article of date February 1st, 2007, "FRAIL JADE? PIGS WILL FLY". Back then, riding a totally different national wave, the Mirror columnist compared Jade Goody to "a famished fly winging its way to a heap of steaming dung". And talking of her stay in The Priory, he put forth: "I just hope for her sake she gets out before February 18 when we enter the Chinese Year of The Pig. I'd hate to see her miss out on all those endorsement opportunities".

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