Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On social ineptitude

Is Facebook affecting our social interaction?

Robert de Vries in the Times wonders if the rapid rise of Facebook is having a noxious effect on children's brain. Instant gratification through a line on the screen, the notion of growing up with little one-to-one 'real life' interaction (with "the trouble of interpreting body language, facial expressions, or tone of voice" replaced by a 'wall post'), the shortening of attention span. Is it just scaremongering or have those claims got some validity?

The writer points out that TV has been the subject of similar criticism "practically since its invention". And yet, for all its ills, the TV never had such a permeating effect on one-to-one interaction. Forget a person in their twenties or thirties or more who discovered 'social networking' and added it as a diversion to their existence. You have to consider that the newest generation is at risk of knowing no different than Facebook-centred social exchanges. This is what some people on the BBC website said about it.

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Planet Me said...

life has changed and fragmented. My friends live all across the world. much as I would like us all to live in the same village this is impossible. The internet is a tool for communciation, no more, no less.