Friday, February 27, 2009

Blair: "there is no evidence of rendition flights"(2006)

One massive lie a month. And these people are still running the country.

It's amazing to see how the country has become desensitised to a lying government. It's happened so many times (and over so many different policy areas) that blatant porky pies from top Ministers are not even hitting the front page news anymore.

Look at this. It's the end of 2005 and the former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy is questioning Prime Minister Tony Blair in the Commons. "To what extent, therefore, have the Government co-operated in the transport of terrorist suspects to Afghanistan and elsewhere, apparently for torture purposes?", he asks. "I do not know what the right honourable gentleman is referring to" is the liar's answer, tucked under a tortuous set of hollow sounding phrases, textbook Blair-style.

The following year, former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw went on with the denials: "there had been no cases of so-called extraordinary rendition involving the UK", while Tony Blair insisted that there was "no evidence" that the 200 CIA flights that passed through Britain involved the "extraordinary rendition" of terror suspects to countries where they could face torture.

Today, what everyone suspected finally turned into official news. The government's words were all a pile of bollocks. After David Miliband's half admission a year ago, Defence Secretary John Hutton has finally come clean with the following statement. "I regret that it is now clear that inaccurate information on this particular issue has been given to the House by my department".

If you still think Labour are worth your vote, then you deserve no better than this type of government.


Madam Miaow said...

Ker-rist! Wake me up when we're in a pre-revo situation, which, the way things are going, should be any time soon.

Labourlite said...

But if people like you keep ranting against Labour guess who benefits from it?

socialist sam said...

Madam Miaow,
I take it your comment was sarcastic. As much as I'd like to be proven at fault, I don't see any revolution from where I'm standing. Years of feelgood and cheap distractions have seriously macerated our will power.

you helot. Just stay put and keep following the leaders, you'll be alright.