Saturday, July 11, 2009

Best blog entry of 2009

Still on the subject of the phone-hacking scandal, the supreme Angry Mob blog has the best paragraph I've spotted in a long time. Hope they don't mind me reproducing this bit:

"What the fuck is [Andy Coulson] doing anywhere near politics, let alone being in charge of the media campaign for the Conservative Party? If you at some point in your life have edited a tabloid newspaper then you are a piece of shit.

If you, for whatever reason, had edited a shitty, gossipy scandel-sheet then you should do the decent thing and kill yourself. Seriously, there is no justification for editing a tabloid newspaper; tabloid journalism is the lowest form of enterprise.

Lies, hatred, fear, disinformation, slander, racism - these are a few of the words associated with tabloid journalism, yet somehow having edited a tabloid newspaper qualifies Andy Coulson to engage in political representation. No wonder people don't care [about] politics anymore when the person who used to bring you fuck-and-tell stories is now bringing you the latest ideas from Conservative HQ".

The whole article is absolutely spot-on and worth a read.

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