Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"They take our houses, our jobs, our women"

The tabloids have been telling you council flats are all going to immigrants. Utter bollocks- and it's now official.

The fightback has begun. After a decade of noxious tabloid-based myths gradually seeping through the national consciousness, some hard figures were finally released by the Institute for Public Policy Research.

Social tenants who had moved to the UK within the past five years accounted for only 1.8 per cent. Some 87.8 per cent were UK-born and 10 per cent were foreigners who had lived in Britain for more than five years.

Like the Independent points out today though, the problem has been a Government that allowed the right wing myths that "they all come here and steal our houses and jobs" to fester unchallenged, perhaps fearful to appear at odds with the populistic bollocks.

Oh...and by the way...if you want your ready-to-microwave Tesco food to stay this cheap, you may also want to consider -just for a second- that someone is being paid a pittance to make it. And they're not gonna be able to afford a semi-detached in Kensington, are they?

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