Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mandelson's "bold policies"

From 'inevitable' to 'impossible'. The Baron of Hartlepool and Foy and his plans to part-privatise Royal Mail.

Peter Mandelson, 14 January 2009: " A strategic partner for Royal Mail would bring a 'gale force of fresh air' to the state-owned company's management culture";

26 February 2009: "Royal Mail privatisation is 'only credible option'";

1 March 2009: "Some may be weary of taking decisions. But that simply signals that we're ready for a rest and inviting electoral defeat";

Peter Mandelson today, 1 July 2009: "There is no prospect of the partial sell-off of the Royal Mail going ahead in the current circumstances. [The state of the economy] has made it imossible to complete a deal on favourable terms".

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