Thursday, October 01, 2009

Murdoch bigged up beyond belief

Which do you think is most likely to cause Labour's voters to switch allegiance?

It is widely accepted that Labour will probably lose the next elections. With ratings at an all-time low and Labour's membership standing today at half the numbers of 1997, it appears the writing's on the wall.

A few people have kicked up a fuss over Rupert Murdoch's recent decision to officially desert the Labour Party- Conservative Home called it "devastating", nothing less. As if the titty rag's politics was really the factor that mattered.

Now. Look at all those:

1) The Iraq war fiasco (featuring mass-scale death, lies, deception and copious licking of GW Bush's arse);

2) Labour aping Tory rhetoric on welfare, immigration and social policy (the kind 'headline generator' material);

3) Labour aping Tory rhetoric and approach towards Big Business, the "have yachts" and tax avoiders;

4) Labour aping Tory policy with u-turns such as those on PFIs (privatisations) and tuition fees;

5) The biggest economic crisis in decades;

6) Twelve or thirteen years of the same tired people in power;

7) Job insecurity and unemployment on the rise;

8) Years and years of relenless rise in cost of living (Britain is one of the most expensive places in the EU);

9) Lower wages at the bottom and fatter ones at the very top;

10) The Sun's decision to turn against Labour;

Which factor do you think is most likely to cause Labour's voters to abstain or vote another party instead?


PhilH said...

It's not the first time anyone in politics has switched sides purely to back a winner.

In fact it's not dissimilar to the day "lifelong Fulham fan" David Mellor starting calling himself a "lifelong Chelsea fan".

Though in David Mellor's defence, he didn't go around claiming it was his fault that Chelsea started winning things.

James D said...

If anything, it's done Labour a favour: a trivial bad news story to bury the PM's gulags for slags gaffe.

socialist sam said...

Agreed with James D.
Chances are that the shitty piece of right wing pre-printed bogroll was putting off traditional Labour voters.

Helen Highwater said...

Completely unrelated but it involves deflating tabloid scaremongering so I thought you might want to help: