Thursday, October 22, 2009

The BNP has the tabloids to thank

No other political party can say they enjoy the privilege of having at least three dailies echoing their policies.

As the most talked about Question Time ever is about to be broadcast, articles and blogs discussing the BNP are reaching fever pitch.

If Nick Griffin is currently walking around with a grin, he's got a long list of benefactors to thank. New Labour, for instance, for their systematic sticking two fingers up at the lower classes, successfully completing the race to the bottom in employment relations that was started by their predecessors.

Which leads us to the Tories, lest we forget, with an inglorious history lined with characters like Enoch Powell or Maggie Thatcher. In case you didn't know she publicly came up with words like "swamped by an alien culture" and was a staunch supporter of racist South Africa.

But for this blog, like we've repeated ad nauseam, it is no coincidence that the BNP's success is peaking at the time of the most intense tabloid bombardment on immigration.

Like, AngryMob writes here, "support for the BNP is the inevitable result of concerted tabloid lies about Muslims and immigrants in general".

For the past ten years, not a single day has gone by without the Daily Mail, the Express, the Daily Star, the Sun or all of them, pummelling in half-baked myths or outright lies about ethnic minorities.

Their "stories" have escalated exponentially in both frequency and virulence -and it doesn't matter that their top columnists occasionally drop a token remark or two about how "nasty" the BNP may be. Two paragraphs down the line they'll be reading straight from Nick Griffin's hymn sheet (literally, in some cases).

Remember that the above mentioned tabloids total a circulation of up to 6 million copies. Think of millions of Britons flicking through massive headlines carrying paranoid/horror stories about the immigrants- mostly without verifying the content.

No other political party, not even the Tories with the Telegraph or Labour with the Mirror, can say they enjoy the privilege of having at least three dailies reverberating their policies so blatantly. So sod your victim-posturing, Nick Griffin, you're talking shite again.

Also: "10 things you should know about the BNP when you watch Question Time tonight".


PhilH said...

I was really disappointed.

Although Griffin was made to look a fool, the tabloids weren't attacked once, and the mainstream party members squabbled over who has the toughest anti-immigration policy.

Big shame.

It was a spectacle, it was entertaining, but it's going to change few people's minds.

socialist sam said...

That Jack Straw has the charisma of a fish larvae. I know they've lost it at Labour but surely they could of dug out someone more effective to send?
Luckily Griffin's ideology is so ugly that the event turn into a massacre anyway and the BNP choked on their own publicity.
Fair play to Dimbleby, Huhne, Greer and Warsi all held their own.
I agree with PhilH, critics could have been a lot tougher, but it was a resounding defeat for Griffin.

PhilH said...

I thought Straw did well actually. It was nice to see someone actually challenge Griffin on his repeated "EU law won't let me tell you why I changed my mind" lie.

And in such an amusing fashion too.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

That missing the fact the BNP eat black children to give them strength.