Friday, October 09, 2009

How one in three people in the world are Christian and 42m are in Britain

The Global Spread of Christianity.

The Muslim-obsessed Daily Mail is currently making a big deal out of a recent report claiming that "almost one in four people in the world are Muslim".

"The project", the article continues, "presents a portrait of the Muslim world that might surprise some. For example, Germany has more Muslims than Lebanon".

Accompanying the "revelation", Paul Dacre's paper is also sporting a picture of a group of ladies wearing black niqabs, the equivalent of sticking a picture of an Orthodox monk onto an article about "Christianity".

The article, by MAIL FOREIGN SERVICE, continues with the news that 1,647,000 Muslims currently live in Britain, and carries captions such as "THE GLOBAL SPREAD OF ISLAM"- its only purpose being, presumably, to nicely complement the BNP's repeated bombardment about "the Islamic demographic time bomb".

But because we care about our Daily Mail readers' stunted access to information, we thought we'd provide the goods and shed some light on the number of Christians worldwide.

Apparently, 33 per cent of the world's population is Christian. Over 42m adherents live in Britain, which amounts to 71,6 per cent of the UK population.

Figures also present a picure of Christianity that may surprise some. For instance, there are more Christians in India or Pakistan than there are in the Vatican or even in Ireland! You couldn't make it up!


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

My dislike of religion knows no bounds.

Muslim, Christian or Sikh, all are a bit odd in my book.

socialist sam said...

Indeed. Could do with some Richard Dawkins being taught at primary school.
Another day, however, and another Daily Mail contribution towards religious (and ethnic?) tension.
For each one of those 'articles' we'll reap the harvest any time soon.

the patriot said...

Here we are again with Hagley Road to The Mecca, trying to play down the Islamic threat we all face.
It caught my attention how you wet liberals on this blog go on about homosexuals being persecuted. Use your brain cells. That would most certainly happen under Islam. You are a laugh.

claude said...

don't forget your sticks and spears when you leave home today!!!

Fruitbat said...

Patriot - you mean like the way that homosexuals are repressed by laws in the deeply Christian USA?