Friday, October 23, 2009

On Nick Griffin

For a moment there I expected to see the Sun with a headline "Even we aren't so ridiculous". By Antonis.

I think the fact that the whole of Britain got to see what the views of Nick Griffin really are, as opposed to everyone commenting on them, was a good thing.

When I went to my newsagent, I have to admit that I was sort of surprised to see the tabloid headlines denouncing Griffin: "A disgrace to Humanity", "nutter" etc. For a moment there I expected to see the Sun having the headline "Even we aren't so ridiculous".

The problem though is that yesterday night ushered a new era for Nick Griffin, one where he is denounced as the racist, homophobe fascist who can't even articulate his views consistently, yet all the other parties can conveniently point the finger to the man who, in most cases, is only arguing for the logical conclusion of many of their contradictory official policies and views.

Ironically, it is easy to limit the debate to the fact that Nick Griffin is a racist, yet no-one engages into the very substance of issues like the latent xenophobia and inefficiency of government immigration policy. The tabloids found a scapegoat, but, as always, the substance of the issue is completely lost.


thepatriot said...

Watching the great umwashed, outside the BBC studios, it was immediately apparent that this protest was being orchestrated by Rent-a-Mob, alias the Socialist Worker’s Party. Most of whose membership would faint at the threat of an honest day’s work, or even a bar of soap. Ironic is it not, extremists protesters of the far left, protesting against far left extremists. At least the BNP have the validity of the ballot box, with the votes of 1,000,000 former left wing Labour voters behind them

claude said...

Your deep political analyses never ceases to amaze me.

Your idol Griffin, patriot, mentioned The Ice Age. Sod the bar of soap, your lot are obviously really into that.

Homo Sapien is too politically correct.

Emma said...

Patriot, you never fail to make us laugh. Keep it up!

S said...
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