Tuesday, October 20, 2009

British Airways distributes Daily Mail for free

A petition shows them why that's wrong for business.

Did you know about it? I didn't until five minutes ago. Every day British Airways, the UK national carrier, the one carrying the British flag, the one that is "apparently the world's favourite airline", gives out complimentary copies of the Daily Mail.

The good news is that a new petition has been set up. It's called "BA to Stop Offering Daily Mail on Its Flights" and it's based on the simple truth that such an inflammatory paper, so intensely devoted to bullying, racial/religious tension as well as homophobic abuse would look like a seriously bad insight into the British way of life.

"Please, reconsider your partnership and close association with this insensitive publication, and we ask that you stop offering free copies of the Daily Mail to us, your customers, on your flights", says the petition. If you agree, then please click on this link.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

It's not the Daily Mail though, it gives you the other papers free I think just not the red tops.

Simon said...

I remember getting a free Daily Telegraph (although I probably consciously chose this over the Mail if offered the choice - I can no longer remember)

claude said...

And yet I can confirm coies of the Daily Mail are currently given out for free by BA and that some BA staff have actually signed the petition.

James D said...

I first came across this several years ago. After spending an extended break in southern Italy, I was boarding my BA flight from FCO to BHX (which shows how long ago it was!) and had a copy of the Daily Wail presented to me. I was actually quite glad: it's an awful paper, but it did raise some laughs at quite how endearingly odd Britain is. And I'd missed reading news in English. These days, it probably wouldn't have quite the same effect. But equally, these days I wouldn't fly with BA: I'd rather catch the sleeper train to Paris than get forcibly landed at the ghastly LHR.