Saturday, January 02, 2010

John Major criticises Blair over Iraq

Another nail in the coffin for Tony's "good faith" argument.

Spot on John Major. Normally renowned for his discreet and measured tone, the former Tory PM was quite scathing when asked to remark on Tony Blair's handling of the Iraq affair.

Major made two points that are difficult to disagree with.

1) Especially when war is at stake, a PM has to be "utterly certain" before publicly saying something.

2) Regime change and toppling Saddam were not the arguments used to convince the country and, in any case, that would amount to an "inadequate argument" for war.

"There are many bad men around the world who run countries and we don't topple them, and indeed in earlier years we had actually supported Saddam Hussein when he was fighting against Iran", Major said.

Still on the subject of Iraq, widespread public anger is mounting over the Iraqi administration's decision to allow back in controversial US private security contractors Blackwater following pressure from Washington. The role of private firms in war zones has long been seen as one of the most disgraceful aspects of the whole Iraq 'affair'.

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Madam Miaow said...

Yeah, saw this. Although he's right, Mr Carlyle does have a bloody cheek considering his company made a whole heap of money from the Iraq war.