Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, Same Old Shit

With a new decade under way, here's a number of reasons why we shouldn't expect any different.

- Another dickhead has tried to blow himself (and hundreds of innocent people) on a plane. All those years of metal detectors, cologne in 100ml bottles displayed in transparent plastic bags, security staff rubbing your knob in airports and asking to take your shoes off were all, it turns out, a waste of time. "There were human and systemic failure, Obama said, while Gordon Brown announced that "[W]e have to improve our security". Great.

- The most expensive transport in the world keeps getting more expensive. The new fares as sanctioned by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, are going to be implemented next week, with increases around the spectrum. But hey, some travelcards have been frozen, so rejoice, certain sheep are suggesting online.

- Jan Moir exuding industrial amounts of bitterness in the Daily Mail. This time, the subject of her inane acidity is actor David Tennant, guilty of having appeared three times on TV during the Xmas break. Moir also finds the time to mock his Adam's apple. An ugly, fat, homophobic bully poking fun at a respected actor. Like one of her own colleagues would say, you couldn't make it up.

- Staying with the Daily Mail, you may remember we predicted they would quickly run out of categories to spurt venom at. Muslims, immigrants, foreigners, the unions, the Irish, the Europeans, politicians, students, bankers, lawyers, council tenants, people on benefits, childless women, women with kids, men, Guardian-readers, social workers, they've done them all. Which is why, with virtually no one else left to be horrible to, today's edition sports a pointless hatchet job on bulldogs!

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