Friday, January 29, 2010

Save us all, Iain Duncan Smith

A child murderer who worked in the City had just split from her husband. If only the Tories had been in power to give'em a tax break.

Yesterday it emerged that a former city worker living in a £500,000 home in East Sussex may have killed her own two children aged 2 and 3. They were found locked in the back of her Nissan and the post-mortem said they asphyxiated.

But the main point is this. According to the Daily Mail, Mrs Donnison and her husband had just split up. In fact, "the couple's marriage had been falling apart for a long time", adding extra strains on the woman.

No doubt if Iain Duncan Smith's tax break for married couples had been already in place the two would still be together. Under the Tories' proposals, with children under 3 the Donnisons would have been entitled to a tax allowance. And surely an extra twenty or thirty quid extra a month would have helped them patch their differences and nipped family arguments in the bud.

Like we wrote the other day about a similarly disturbing case, Fiona Donnison's child murders won't spark any national debate about Broken Britain, Labour's social engineering, lazy council estate dwellers or even the decline of coal mining: the killer was (very) wealthy so she simply snapped, that's all.

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Helen Highwater said...

They may take the "woman, back in the kitchen" view that the marriage failed because she was that most monstrous and twisted of beings: a woman with a career.