Sunday, January 17, 2010

No class division in Britain, says Kenneth Clarke

Tory Shadow Minister shoots himself in the foot

There is nothing more contemptuous than a Cambridge-educated man with a posh, la-di-dah, upper-class accent telling the country that class divisions are no longer relevant and that all is well with social mobility.

Kenneth Clarke's words on BBC Question Time three days ago showed how weird the Conservatives' grasp of society is.

"I like to think of British society as classless, as meritocratic. I think it is. It's transformed", he proclaimed to a bewildered audience. And the trouble is, people like Kenneth Clarke really think so, because they are so detached from reality that they know no different.

So when the Tory MP informed the country that class division is no more, he was probably thinking of the people he hangs around with, the Shadow Cabinet, a group truly devoid of the socially inferior.

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Madam Miaow said...

But he likes his jazz so that's alright, then.

(Didn't this geeza try to flog off fags to some Chinese kids once? Nonce!)