Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sun does PR work for Muslim extremists

The UK's best-selling 'newspaper' decided yesterday to offer Muslim fundamentalist, chief homophobe, hate inciter and apologist Anjem Choudary an unexpected public platform to air his views to millions of readers.

Why the Sun may have wanted to do so, we'll leave it to your imagination - let's just say that it's a bit rich to call something or someone 'loathsome', 'vile', 'disgusting' and to talk about 'treason' and 'hate', while at the same time offering this 'loathsome' thing a massive countrywide advertising job free-of-charge on his behalf.

Thanks to the Sun, in fact, the entire nation is now aware that Islam4UK, Anjem Choudary's obscure groupuscule that followed the footsteps of the appalling al-Muhajiroun, are planning a march through the town of Wootton Bassett.


Helen Highwater said...

There was a facebook group trying to ban the march. I didn't want to look at it because I could guess the type of people it would attract. And according to someone I know who *did* look at it - yes, those people were there:

"We'll throw pig shit at them" apparently.

However, now the march has been banned, the person who created the group has deleted it.

Soemtimes facebook groups are created for good (RATM for Christmas #1) and sometimes for bad ("Let's go to the march and eat bacon sandwiches!")

I just don't get why people think reacting like a moron to someone who's already behaving like a moron is a good thing.... :-/

roym said...

never knew that "those types" were on FB.

regardless, the publicity Choudary has garnered would make a b-list celebrity jealous

Paul said...

Certainly throwing pig shit at someone is common assault as well as provocative and inflammatory. However what's wrong with eating a bacon sandwich in front of a Muslim Helen? Of course they won't like it but a sizeable number of them do not like freedom of speech, gender equality or sexual liberty. Should these be diluted in case they are incendiary?

I consider the response of people openly exhibiting their freedoms in front of a reactionary grouping seeking to ban said freedoms as brilliant not acting 'like a moron'. I would consider a counter demonstration against Choudhary, consisting of a gay Mardi gras, bacon munching and beer swilling students, secular Muslims and cartoonists mocking ALL religious figures under the banner of union flags to be pure class. Much better than the event being hijacked by racialists. Much better also than the chattering classes condemning any freedom of such expression as being reactionary and being as 'moronic' as the people they are demonstrating against.

Stan Moss said...

Surely we can prove our point without being confrontational?

Paul said...

Stan, hopefully yes we can. But I do not see why something as innocuous as a bacon sandwich should be considered as confrontational or even 'moronic'. Just because of religious dogma and petty superstition. It is this dilution of aspects of Brutishness, which are themselves harmless that I see being of benefit to no one. I’m certainly not attacking Helen personally, I can see no reason however to suggest something should not be done or be considered improper just because a minority culture does not like it.

Tom said...

Paul said:

"...what's wrong with eating a bacon sandwich in front of a Muslim Helen? Of course they won't like it..."

Why should they be interested what someone else is eating? Do you also propose to go and tuck into a lobster in front of a synagogue? That'll show them.