Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gaunty and the ghosts in the Sun

How can the Sun's spitemeisters expect to be taken seriously?

First it was aliens in Germany, now it's a ghost at a hospital in Derby. The Sun are working hard for their stories. Yesterday's paper carried a huge headline HAUNTED HOSPITAL CALLS IN EXORCIST, along with a ghostbuster's opinion and a superimposed photo of a ghost with the Royal Derby Hospital in the background.

No question this gives more weight to the already authoritative opinions of Jon Gaunt and chums. In the same paper yesterday, Gaunty was busy spreading bile left right and centre with tirades against -in order- gays, the jobless, the BBC, 'Lardy' Chris Moyles (watch out, Brad Pitt, Gaunty's the new stud), Noel Gallagher, Dannii Minogue and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

It all makes perfect sense, coming from the paper that has to superimpose pictures of ghosts in order to sell copies.


Helen Highwater said...

It's also rather sad how their basis for calling an American a "twit" is that she doesn't who/what Ant & Dec are. She probably wouldn't be able to understand their speech anyway.

Was it a no-news day yesterday, by any chance.

I noticed this morning one of the tabloids is rolling in a porcine manner in mud over the X-Factor winner's brother being "an illegal." Don't become famous because they'll dig up every last piece of dirt about you they can find, even if you're not even responsible for it. Hate rhetoric is so boring! Yet sadly some people lap it up. Pathetic.

claude said...

That's right!
Why is an American supposed to know who those two Geordies are?
Yet another example of Little Englandism, of which The Sun is the epitome...

About your second point, Helen, yes, mark my words...wait a year or two and see what the press will do to Cheryl Cole...If I were her, I'd be concerned.

Anonymous said...

The papers protect the ruling elites, they do this by distracting the ruled with 'entertainment', 'porn' football, celebrity gossip etc. anything as long as you pay your taxes, work and spend and never notice the crooks at the top who rule over you.

Immigration also serves this purpose (divide and rule). The Sun is owned by Murdock he is not going to report something remotely critical of his peers, in his media is he. That much is obvious.