Sunday, January 04, 2009

Socialism on Big Brother

Tommy Sheridan joins the freakshow. And it's not to do with self-love.

New year, same old crap. After a break of 48 months, a new Celebrity Big Brother and an old Davina McColl are steamrolled into your living rooms. Following the footsteps of class warrior George Galloway and his catsuits two years ago, Scottish MP and "socialist firebrand" Tommy Sheridan has joined the Big Brother freakshow. He'll be favouring the cause of the working classes shoulder-to-shoulder with top celebrities like Ulrika Johnsson, the guy from A1, the Austin Powers dwarf and a self-righteous page3 model.

The best analysis of "socialist" politicians making "noble sacrifices in order to advance the class" comes from Madam Miaow. You can read her Big Brother-related thoughts on her excellent blog.

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