Friday, January 09, 2009

Israel's "unacceptable conduct"

The Red Cross accuses Israel of breaching humanitarian law. Meanwhile, with the crisis spiralling out of control, the Sun gets its priorities right.

Two articles in the Times today are drawing our attention.

First, according to the Red Cross, "For four days Red Cross officials pressed the Israeli military for access to bomb-shattered homes in the Zaytun neighbourhood of Gaza City. Finally Israel promised safe passage with the help of a Red Cross rescue team and four ambulances from the Palestine Red Crescent Society. What they found exceeded their worst fears.".

"In an unusually blunt public statement yesterday", the Times writes, "[the Red Cross] accused the Israeli military of 'unacceptable' conduct and of breaching international humanitarian law".

Second, and most shocking, the UN is quoting several witnesses "accusing Israeli troops of evacuating scores of Palestinians – including children – into a house in Gaza on Sunday and then shelling the property 24 hours later, killing approximately 30 people". According to UN officials, it's one of the "gravest incidents" since military operation began at the end of December.

A few words about the keepers of British morality aka the Sun. A look at today's paper suggests that Cristiano Ronaldo totalling his Ferrari, Amy Wine Douse, Celeb Big Brother, and a piece on UFOs are today's top stories. Check their home page. The Gaza disaster is notable by its absence. Unlike Busty Bundchen.

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