Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama repeals ban on abortion funds

No one can accuse Barack Obama of failing to live up to expectations (though The Independent's Robert Fisk did here on the subject of Gaza). His first act was to order the closure of that stunning example of atrocious Neo-Conservatism known as Guantanamo.

Then yesterday came his repeal of George W Bush's ban on abortion funds, in the face of vast criticism coming from the powerful US anti-abortion lobby. When Bush brought in the ban, family planning organisations like Planet Parenthood lost millions of dollars in funding overnight. At least 16 developing nations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East were affected. "More than 1,000 outreach workers lost their jobs and, it estimates, about 38,000 women lost contraceptive, post-natal and immunisation services" writes the BBC's Jill McGivering.

The cynics will have to wait. So far Obama has delivered. And quick.

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