Thursday, January 15, 2009


No-one doubted The Sun wouldn't give a toss about the Gaza slaughter.

True to their glorious history, The Sun have been remarkably thrifty with their 'coverage' of the Gaza 'war'. Over a thousand people died in two weeks. The risk of the conflict escalating throughout the Middle East looks closer each day. Allegations that Israel used white phosphorous are growing more consistent. Hamas are dangerously looking stronger than ever. Etcetera.

Yet the Sun have been consistent in focusing their efforts towards tits, UFOs in Germany, Cristiano Ronaldo and Celebrity Big Brother, obviously assuming that the wider British public are thick or simply couldn't give an absolute monkeys about alien 'Ay-rabs' dying in a faraway land.

So The Sun's biggest Gaza-related stories so far have been:
a) the fabrication about an alleged 'terrifying Islamic hit-list' that wanted to target Sir Alan Sugar ('TERROR TARGET SUGAR');

This is the biggest selling paper in the UK. No wonder most Europeans believe "the Brits are shallow"...

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Anonymous said...

That stuff about Alan Sugar under threat was truly distasteful.
Let it also be said that The Sun swiftly removed the article in question on line. They obviously received a hefty amount of complaints.
I say, stop buying toilet rolls. Just recycle The Sun.