Sunday, February 07, 2010

Comedy heroes

#10 Edmund Blackadder (Blackadder 1982-1989)

#9 Pop (The League of Gentlemen 1999-2002)

#8 Albert Steptoe (Steptoe and Son 1962-1974)

#7 Rick (The Young Ones 1982-1984)

#6 David Brent (The Office 2001-2003)

#5 Inspector Blakey (On the Buses 1969-1973)

#4 Basil Fawlty (Fawlty Towers 1975-1979)

#3 Victor Meldrew (One Foot In The Grave 1990-2000)

#2 Alan Partridge (KMKY, I'm Alan Partridge 1994-2002)

#1 Del Boy (Only Fools and Horses, 1981-2003)


Acidfairyy said...

I don't really find any of these funny. I never did like British sit-com humour much.

Charlie said...

None of them?! I have to doubt the sanity of anyone who doesn't find Blackadder Series 2 to 4 hilarious.

Emma said...

I agree with Charlie!

I especially think that David Brent is one of the best comedy personalities ever invented, not to mention Victor Meldrew, Basil Fawlty, etc. Hilarious.

Personally, I've always found characters in US sitcoms too one dimensional and 'easy' They don't seem to have the depth and self-depricating side of Brit ones.

Maybe I'm weird, but I find 99% of US comedy series unfunny.

Richard. said...

"Did you see it Stu, the one where Del Boy fell through the bar"

Anita said...

Good pick there. And Delboy should be no.1, I concur. I'd have selected AbFab though, along with maybe The Mighty Boosh, Little Britain and Peep Show.

Kevin Turvey said...

This week, I've been investigating why I was left off this list.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Where am I?