Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Pope attacks Britain's Equality Laws

The idea that gays and lesbians exist is really, but REALLY, bugging Mr Ratzinger.

It's often argued that Christianity in Britain is on its way out. People looking for root causes usually cling onto anything: from "the immigrants" to Londonistan, or from the media to promiscuous teenagers. And yet, one of the main answers is right under their noses.

Enter Pope Benedict XVI. Announcing his September visit to the country, Mr Ratzinger slammed Britain's Equality Laws: "[s]ome of the legislation impose[d] unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs", he wrote in a letter, adding that "[I]n some respects it actually violates the natural law upon which the equality of all human beings is grounded and by which it is guaranteed".

His coded words ring as a firm attack against the Government's measures to fight homophobia at all levels, including recent proposals to ban employment discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. The Pope's words are exactly in line with his obsession with homosexuality. Last year he said that the need to save mankind from a "destructive" blurring of genders is "as important as saving the rainforests".

A conduct not dissimilar to years of Anglican Church supremos picking on the LGBT community, including recent moves by CoE bishops to block the Equality bill.

The good news is that luckily Britain is not a country where people look favourably to religious interference. Many wonder why this geezer in white feels he's any more entitled to stick his nose in and dictate what the statutory book says in Britain than an Islamist cleric saying that women should all walk around covered in a bin bag.

Also, the Pope may rattle on about "natural law", but we all remember how adamant the Church was to play down the scale of the sexual scandals involving Catholic priests throughout the Noughties. See how keen Ratzinger was to accuse the media of "exaggerating the crisis".

There's also another point: if only Mr Ratzinger was half as quick to step in when other issues are involved as he is when he barks against equality for sexual minorities.

He could have saved his breath to criticise the British involvement in Iraq, the UK's leading role in the arms trade, their politics in the Middle East, the plight of the millions hit by the economic crisis, even binge-drinking. Anything.

No. He chose to attack a law that says that no-one should be denied access to services and employment purely because they are gay. What a lovely, lovely old man. Of faith.


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HarpyMarx said...

Seems like the National Secular Society want to organise a protest campaign for when Pope Benny comes a-visitin'....

Hallelujah to that…..!!

the patriot said...

Your obvious contempt for religion shows a lot about you as a person. Your blinkers prevent you from seeing how the slow and painful death of religious moral values in this countries are behind most of what's going down the pan.

roym said...

the patriot and ratzinger can both jog on

asquith said...

You say this, "the patriot", yet you persist in trolling. Why? Why, in general, do right-wing trolls bother? You don't see me slagging James Delingpole or Richard Littlecock off on every one of their columns, because I see it as a pointless thing to do.

the patriot said...

roym & "asquith",
interesting how you didn't address my points. You just went for a personal attack. BTW, ive lost count of all the blogs from the leftist liberal beggar-my-neighbour brigade attacking Richard Littlejohn, so "asquith" your comment's a bit Pete Tong there.

claude said...

Oh yes patriot,

you're so right.

Your comments are always meticulously laid out, carefully put forward and elegantly presented. You never ever slag people off or go for personal attacks, especially those who disagree with your views.

roym said...

patriot you can have values without some idiot bellowing from the pulpit.