Monday, February 08, 2010

Labour can win: the Express explains why

This is the gist of what Leo McKinstry, Britain's most paranoid and right-wing columnist writes in today's Hypochondria Gazette Daily Express. One of the most stunning pieces of political lunacy ever produced.

Even though Labour's presided over the biggest economic crisis in decades as well as the most oppressive, smelly and incompetent government since Bloody Mary, Gordon Brown and his henchmen are still in with a chance of winning the next general elections.

It isn't David Cameron's fault. OK, he should say it loud and clear that barbwires should be put up along the coast and that we should all do a Lost and propel the island away from Europe. But, truth is, Labour can still win because in the last thirteen years they have socially engineered the country.

The fact is that Labour has developed several large voting blocs which guarantee that its vote will not fall much below a third of the electorate, no matter how dismally the government performs: amongst them public sector employees, immigrants and welfare claimants.

Look at the amount of quangoed consultants that we've got. And don't get me started on GPs. Those lazy, rude fucks whose job is to scribble sicknotes in illegible handwriting, who else do you think they're going to vote for? Or staff at the clap clinic. Apparently chlamydia has quadrupled since Labour came to power. Haven't you twigged it yet? More clap, more staff, more patients - all indebted to Labour.

Then there's the students. Ok, maybe not students cos Labour tripled their tuition fees. Actually though, Labour also introduced yeah, students too, they'll feel nothing but gratitude for longer and better piss-ups and vote for Gordon Brown. See what I mean?

Not to mention the dole scum. Why else do you think unemployment went right up in the last couple of years? Right when Gordon Brown clocked that he weren't gonna win, he engineered mass unemployment so that a million extra people would sign on and get £180 squazillion a year. And if you're a welfare claimant, you're automatically a Labour voter/activist/supporter.

Then there's the immigrants. They were all ushered in so that they could vote Labour. What you saying about the Muslim vote being lost after the Iraq war? Nah. According to the University of Authoritative Studies, around 80 per cent of migrants and ethnic minorities back Labour, so stuff it.

Then there's the specs wearers. The NHS are still dishing out glasses for free, so that's millions of short-sighted people cajoled by quangoes and the state to vote for Big Labour.

And how about staff at the Millennium Dome? Why else do you think Mandelson wanted that monstrosity built? How many workers can that enormous thing guzzle? But this is exactly it. They owe their job to Labour and that's precisely where they'll put their cross. And just to show you what conniving bitches they all are, they even tried to rebrand it (it's called the 02 Arena now) so as to cover their tracks!

And then there's the anti-smoking lobbysts, those who got longer holidays and those on the minimum wage, BBC newsreaders and union leaders, the park rangers and the Welsh. And also the Scots. There are at least 16 million people in Labour’s client groups. When combined with corrupt postal voting and the £220million a year spent on state propaganda, it is no wonder that Labour is feeling confident.

Contemptuous of democracy, Brown - and Brown alone- has built a system that could help him cling to power.

(ed. it's precisely articles like McKinstry's that scare the pants off people when they picture a potential Conservative victory)


Paul said...

It may be paranoid. But factually is it incorrect? I would like to know if for instance a majority of public sector workers vote labour. Certainly the Public sector has become bloated under labour and they may arguably have a pecuniary interest in voting Labour therefore. As to immigrants I read (note I'm not certain I believe it) in the DT that 80% of them vote labour. Now look at Harriet Harperson's equality bill. A cynical reading of it could suggest it was looking to promote actual or potential labour voters. Not least as the white Woking class in places like Stoke has left labour in droves. We sadly know where they're heading. Personally I feel it is likely that most immigrants do not actually vote.

I stress now that I don't know the answers. However the Express is yes paranoid but they may be correct. It would take a sound reading of the evidence that led to the Express's conclusions before they are written off however. Certainly the public sector has expanded exponentially under New Labour that is an established fact and sources to reference that are aplenty.

Stan Moss said...

McKinstry's piece is ridiculous because it's too one-sided to be true. Magically he forgets to mention manufacturing workers, repeatedly kicked in the face by Labour.

If Labour were so cynical why have they shunned them so pathetically throughout their tenure?

Disability benefits being axed or made more tortuous on many occasions since at least 1999.

Or University staff? Today's news is full of lecturers being axed.

Or post office staff? And I could go on forever.

The so-called Muslim vote? None of my Muslim friends will vote Labour ever again! Most won't bother, some will go for the LibDems. But I know more who may vote Tory than Labour this time round.

McKinstry looks at what suits his political agenda and in doing so he writes a poisonous piece without a leg to stand on.

It's this idea of a "grand design", a constant "socialist" conspiracy/social engineering that is just preposterous.

Acidfairyy said...

Trust me; the NHS do NOT dole out free glasses. They will give you about £30 towards some. I have yet to find a pair under £70. That's without the lenses.

Emma said...


Should have gone to Specsavers - You get a bogof there, not to mention free scratch resistant lenses.

You may argue that most opticians may be another artificially created pro-Labour group. The government did away with free specs so therefore helping their business. That is, if you were to follow McKinstry's way of thinking, no? ;-)