Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Valuable time... people who I'd rather kick in the eye

Work commitments mean I haven't got much time to write today. Yet there's a number of topics of interest, stuff that I would like this blog to elaborate on in the next day or two.

Mark Steel in the Independent remarks on the usual lack of choice at the next elections. 'Just who do you vote for given this appalling choice is the headline'. Not a single mention, however, of the voting system, the real reason behind apathy's best mate: Britain's bicephalus communism.

Still in the Independent, Matthew Norman makes some good points over the hypocrisy surrounding John Terry the cuckholder. Simply look around the football world and a roll call of spoilt brats, gamblers, booze addicts, wife beaters and joyriders won't present you with many a role model.

Wide coverage is given to Clare Short's appearance at the Chilcot inquiry. Much is being said about her remarks on Gordon Brown's alleged muted opposition to the war. Even if that was true, shame on the former Chancellor for not speaking his mind.

After denying for a full year that they employed dodgy practices during last year's Gaza war, Israel have finally half admitted that white phosphorous was used against heavily populated areas. That strikes a massive blow to their moral high ground. I'd love to hear what the defenders of Israel come-what-may have to say about it.

Finally, the issue of banning the burka in public places. News from France, where the ban is seemingly set to take place, suggest that a citizenhip was refused to a man on the grounds that he's been forcing his wife to wear the full Islamic veil.

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