Tuesday, March 16, 2010

20 years of...Conservative leaders

Who's been the best/worst Tory leader in your opinion?

John "Edwina" Major, 1990-1997

William 14-pints-a-day Hague, 1997-2001

Iain Duncan "Dull" Smith, 2001-2003

Michael Howard, something of the night about him, 2003-2005


BiluĊ› said...

'best' and 'tory leader' don't really seem to go together :-)

Stan Moss said...

I'm as far from the Tories as you can imagine. If I were to choose though the one I respect the most would be John Major.

Paul said...

Probably John Major. Howard was a really poor Home Secretary so that always colours my opinions of him.

Jim Jepps said...

They were all poor, and so far they have all been failures too - although Cameron's term has yet to pan out.

If he doesn't get a majority in Parliament though, he will have fallen far short of people's expectations.

Ben E said...

Talk about best of a bad bunch! It would really have to be William Hague. He was unfortunate enough to be leader at a time when Blair could do no wrong (rather like being Kinnock when Thatcher was in power). He's been a much better politician since.

I attended an edition of Question Time at the ICC circa 2003 with Ian Duncan Smith (as the sole panelist) where he was less than impressive - arrogant too. The less said about the other two the better.

Taronja said...

I'm not a Tory voter either. Realistically though, Cameron has handed the party their best electoral hope since the early90s'. So it has to be him.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Jeez, do I have to pick?

Major is the best because he is the longest ago and wasn't as bad as the others. Hague was a tit but is better now, IDS was awful and perhaps the worst but Howard tried some weak, weak policy so maybe him as the worst.