Monday, March 01, 2010

On crime and detention centres

No time to write anything today, but here are two articles that I thoroughly recommend.

Neil at The Bleeding Heart Show highlights the national shame of Yarl's Wood detention centre, the privately run immigration detention fortress plc where several detainees are entering their fourth week of hunger strike in protest at ongoing abuse and general inhumane conditions.

Yesterday, I criticised the Cuban regime for allowing one of their prisoners to die after an 86-day hunger strike. I wonder if the Labour government are willing to avoid a similar catastrophe at home.

The second piece is by Chicken Yoghurt and it refers to Gordon Brown's speech on crime earlier today. The Prime Minister slammed the Tories and their tabloids for "cultivating a public sense of panic". But then he proceeded to do exactly the same as he bigged up New Labour’s policy on DNA database.

So basically, "don’t listen to Tory fear-mongering but pay close attention to Gordon’s".

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