Thursday, March 04, 2010

The birth defects of exported democracy

More evidence of war crimes committed in Iraq comes to light.

When George W Bush, Tony Blair and their courtiers were telling us about the many effects of the Iraq war (democracy, peace, no chemical weapons, stability and prosperity), they were also probably talking about this or this.

A recent BBC investigation confirmed what had long been suspected: the city of Falluja is reporting levels of birth defects that are "13 times higher than Europe".

The US are saying that they are "not aware of any official reports" of such kind.

Which sounds completely hollow - as it also took them one year to concede they had indeed used white phosphorous in the so-called "Battle of Falluja" of 2004 (see also this report).

Also, following previous denials, the UK Ministry of Defence openly admitted that the US had used modernised type of napalm called MK-77 in Iraq in at least 30 different circumstances (see the official MoD document here).

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