Monday, March 15, 2010

The Daily Weight- Part 2,249

Imagine if Gordon Ramsay slammed celebrities who swear on telly. Or Kerry Katona called someone a media whore...

...Well, if the Daily Mail can express outrage at skinny people being "appalling role models", then anything is possible.

Last Saturday we listed a small selection of what the Daily Mail wrote in the last month about weight: too-fat-too-thin, oh-my-god she's put on weight, oh-my-god she's lost weight.

It was a pathetic roll call of "trim figures", "slim new figures", "enviable figures" and "overweight people who can't taste fat in food".

Like clockwork, there comes the "opinion column", courtesy of Liz Jones (the one who hates Mankind).

"Skinny girls are appalling role models", it reads. Along with "Why stick thin Girls Aloud make me so angry" and "the Government's hysterical diktat on obesity" (...coming next, Tony Blair slamming "George W Bush's hysterical pro-war stance in Iraq"...), it's the usual display of soaked-in-hypocrisy Mail-like venom.

But the best bit is this:

"The only winners in this cycle are the slimming pill manufacturers and makers of 'foods' (relentlessly and mercilessly marketed at the type of women who buy into the whole Girls Aloud high-maintenance ethos) such as Muller Light and Special K".

Yes, Liz Jones. Yes. Content courtesy of WeightWatchers Online, right?


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Ominous and vile hypocrisy and no surprise at all.

Anita said...

I'm not sure if it's true, but I read that Liz Jones suffered from eating disorders herself.

She should have more self-respect, spot the lavish amounts of deviousness amongst her employers and ditch them.

I'm sure she could easily land a part-time job at Pick Me Up.

Helen Highwater said...

Because they're really helping Natalie with her weight issues when they broadcast it to the world that she's chubby again. How kind!

I don't think Nicole from Girls' Aloud's weight is the problem. More the fact that she's decided to go about dressed like someone's mum in the 80s.