Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Daily Mail have lost it

We said this morning that the announcement of Election Day seems to have driven the Daily Mail completely bonkers out of excitement or other, even more than usual.

Well, they really have. Look at their leading story online this afternoon.

The headline, "Teenager becomes first person in Britain to be convicted of trying to unmask Bulger killer", suggests some kind of teenage hero unfairly incurring the wrath of ZaNu Labour and horrible nanny state for bravely "trying to unmask" one of the two horrendous psychos who murdered little Jamie Bulger.

But then just look at the tagline, directly below. The story has absolutely fuckall to do with the headline. What really happened is that a 19-year-old convicted burglar started smearing a totally innocent guy on Facebook spreading false rumours and was obviously arrested for that. The headline is actually false. It's a lie. The 19-year-old chap wasn't trying to unmask anybody. If anything, he was perverting the course of justice.

Now, would you buy a paper if it sported a main headline saying "Fantastic Man Utd put three past German goalkeeper as they cruise to Champions League semifinals", even though they never reached the semis but got actually kicked out?


Jessica Harper said...

I have noticed that the Daily Mail keep doing this. Producing an incorrect headline. They always seem to draw you in and then when you actually read on you realise that the headline had nothing to do with the story really!


The Daily Fail strikes again.

the patriot said...

I see you've restarted your favourite activity: poking fun at the Mail.
I tell you what give me the Daily Mail anytime of the day over the dross and the lies you read in the guardian everyday.

claude said...

Fuck off patriot, you pathetic little man.

david cameron's forehead said...

Well, anyway, "the patriot" and those like him can cheer up because I've heard this story repeated several times today. Be in no doubt that it is being widely believed.

You win. But it doesn't make you happy because nothing ever does.

Taronja said...

Not to mention that, bottom line, lie or not lie, the Daily Mail are still trying to cynically capitalise on a tragedy. They couldn't care less if a little kid or anybody else was murdereded in cold blood. They see it as an opportunity to grab new readers and make more cash.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Claude, it really is fascinating that the awful 'patriot' character is so addicted to your excellent writing (perhaps even in love with you, you know how these right-wing types are so repressed sexually) that he has to keep returning to a place he always disagrees with.

Either that or he is indeed a pathetic little man.