Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily Mail: Shock! Queen is by blood the least British leader

Revealed: The United Nations that make up Queen Elizabeth

Despite her Anglo-Saxon name
and her official role as sovereign of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth territories, Queen Elizabeth II is the least British leader in the United Kingdom.

As a great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II bears lineage from a number of ethnicities, including Arab, Armenian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian, and Swedish.

"The Queen has many international influences in her family", said an insider to Buckingham Palace, adding that "Her Majesty also speaks French quite well".

Her husband, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, was even born abroad (!) - on a Greek island called Corfu'. Philip's father was none other than the Prince of Greece and Denmark and his mother lived in Germany and Greece. He's fluent in at least three languages and he can also speak Greek, so much so that it is said that the Queen Mother did initially frown upon her daughter's marriage.

Queen Elizabeth’s cosmopolitanism even extends to one of her translators and interpreters who spent significant time in foreign countries to study languages.

When the Daily Mail approached Buckingham Palace, official spokespeople played down her international background.

When it was pointed out that her husband is not really English, the reply was: "Well, biologically...yeah. But the Queen was born here, brought up here, went to school here, and she feels very proud to be British".

For saddos with no grasp of irony: This post is a parody. Get a grip.


Mr S. Pill said...

Haha good stuff :)
Although the Queen was home-educated rather than went to school!

Anonymous said...

"Anglo-Saxon name"? Her first is Elizabeth, which is as Hebrew as a menorah. Her second - "Windsor" - is a family fabrication to make the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha clan sound more British. Basically they named themselves after their house. And don't get me started on her husband, whose real surname is a kind of colourful cake from Mr Kipling.

the patriot said...

But at least the Windsors don't take any instructions from Brussels. Saint Nick Clegg does.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Oh the patriot twat is good for a laugh isn't he?

Hey Claude, guess who I touched today?

Nick Griffin!

All will be revealed tomorrow!

claude said...

yeah patriot, yeah.
How's your fellow neanderthals?

you touched Nick Griffin?
Did you squeeze his right bollock by any chance? Chinese burn?

Stan Moss said...

The point has been made before. This playing with people's 'bloodlines' and 'ethnicity' is a dangerous game. Nothing to write home about when it's on a small fascist party's propaganda leaflets. But extremely worrying when those who do it are daily newspapers with massive circulation.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous game for the political right to play. Didn't Andrew Brons family emanate from Germany only a couple of generations back?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Here you go, me and Nick Griffin touching tummies...

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Typical daft racist, unable to type or even to put together functioning sentences.

Bless 'em.