Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pathetic Sun on Nick Clegg

The manic swiping at the Lib Dems is direct indication that Britain's own bible belters are taking the prospect of a Tory defeat very very seriously.

The right-wing press are up in arms over the prospect of the Conservatives squandering what, until recently, looked like sure victory.

The Sun is a case in point. While no less right-wing and populistic than the Mail, the tycoon-owned red top is instinctively more shallow and tends to appeal to attention spans the length of a fart.

If one is the rambling, frothing sermoniser, the other is the pitchfork-waiving lynchmob.

And so today's Sun attempt to smear Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is possibly one of the most pathetic pieces of churnalism of 2010. The front page screams LIBDUMB EXCLUSIVE: Clegg's secret election dossier found in a cab but, as you go through the article, the way the paper is trying to make a story out of nothing is actually touching.

The EXCLUSIVE "secret election dossier" simply contains a number of tips regarding Nick Clegg's forthcoming television debates. Big deal.

Look how ridiculous this sentence is: "the Lib Dem leader was painstakingly coached", meaning that the Sun have just learnt that politicians are coached before TV debates. Wow. Keep goin' lads, don't let that pair of tits take your eyes off your daytime job!

I mean, use your brain. Think before you put that crap to print.

Because David Cameron isn't "painstakingly coached", is he? He doesn't get all spruced up and poked about before the cameras are switched on. He doesn't hire the most expensive PR teams available. He doesn't go on telly wearing more make up than The Cure's Robert Smith circa-1989, does he?

Then, ever more desperate, the article tries to make a big deal out of one of the Lib Dem's bravest and more popular policies, scrapping the £100bn cold-war style nuclear deterrent system called "Trident". Clegg's notes simply say "Avoid unilateral disarmament implication", meaning make sure it doesn't sound like we're giving up unilaterally on defense.

The pervy rag reads it as "leaving us at the mercy of nuke-armed rogue states".

And then there's more hollow fuss made about Clegg's advisers' notes on the other two leaders, the tricky bits to avoid and how to best exploit their weaknesses.

Amazing EXCLUSIVE, Sun. If that's the best you can do then just keep'em coming.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

On a positive note, clearly Clegg has put the fear of God up 'em and that can only be a good thing, maybe the Scum backed the wrong horse.


the patriot said...

I see you conveniently left aside the bits about the Liberals' policies on the EU and asylum seekers.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I see you are still a racist one-trick pony obsessed with immigration and asylum seekers.

BTW, you do know the numbers dropped for asylum seekers in the UK don't you? And that we're only 4th on the list?

Just checking!

the patriot said...

And with me 75% of the British public are 'obsessed' with immigration and asylum seekers.
You obviously think you know better than them. typical lefitst arrogance.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

That is a lie, 75% of the British public are not obsessed with immigration and asylum seekers.

Show me the stats but be careful before you do and make sure a) they are up to date and not from 2 years ago and b) did not have a tiny sample size, ie: 1,500 people in a country of 60 million.

Cheers love!

Charlie said...

Even if 99% of the British public were with you Patriot, that would just mean that 99% of the British public were pillocks. Your figure is probably rubbish either made up by you or plucked from some poll in the Mail or from Migrationwatch anyway.

Keep trolling anyway, it's fun to see people like you and the papers irritated by the Lib Dems, even if it's only for a short period

the patriot said...

I see you're all ganging up on me. How enjoyable to see a bunch of lefties getting their undies in a bundle over a subject (immigration) that will clearly cost them the election.

As for Hoffie requesting statistics, you go ahead boy. The worldwideweb is your oyster.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Typical racist, when it comes to following through, they are all mouth and no trousers.

Poor sod.

Charlie said...

'How enjoyable to see a bunch of lefties getting their undies in a bundle over a subject (immigration) that will clearly cost them the election.'

And as I said, how enjoyable it is to watch Cameron's cheerleaders in the press getting their undies in a twist at their stately procession to victory looking a bit shakier than before, and having to resort to desperate headlines like today's Sun or aspersions on Clegg's background.