Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And Obama won...!

Can you imagine no more GW Bush in the White House? Well, he's already packing his bags.

Only about forty years ago, Obama wouldn't have been allowed to sit on a bus in the US. Today, however, coming a long way from slavery to persecution, America has elected its first black President. It's a change of the kind of those you study in history books.

Can you imagine no more Bush in the White House? Did you ever think it was going to be possible? Well, it's happening now. And if there was one achievement George W Bush deserves to be credited for, it's that of having pissed off his own country so much over eight years that their reaction was to elect the most liberal candidate in living memory. And, in what signified the defeat of the don't-give-a-shit-army, huge numbers made it to the polls to vote the Republicans out.

Not only that. Aside from Obama's clear victory, last night the Democrats secured an amazing majority both in the Senate and the House of Representatives, something Bill Clinton could only have dreamt of throughout his eight years in office.

So to all those crows fearing that white blue collars would never vote for Obama; all the prophets of gloom announcing the sure loss of the pro-Hillary feminist vote; all those terrified by the advent of Sarah Palin. You can now relax, he did it. Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America.


Anonymous said...

"all those terrified by the advent of Sarah Palin."

Darn totin' you betcha...and thankfully we hopefully won't ever have to hear of the gun totin' anti-abortion hockey mom ever ever again...... Fingers crossed!

Soundgarden said...

Absolutely! Hopefully the Republicans themselves will realise she actually put off loads of voters.

Anonymous said...

hey lefties are more scary than the 'moral majority'. Liberals and lefties pretend they are easy and tolerant when they make mountains out of mole hills, taxation is theft, the State, leftists and republicans should butt out of the lives of individuals, leave them alone stop trying to run our lives.