Sunday, November 23, 2008

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At last a decent entry for the Times' David Aaronovitch. On Thursday he wrote that "The BNP can never make itself respectable". "Its activists comprise far more than the usual proportion of convicts and football hooligans", he wrote, a breath of fresh air in a week when every single paper expressed their direct or indirect sorrow at the 'victimised' shitty party.

Mark Steel in Wednesday's Independent. Commenting on the week that saw the worst possible attacks on 'non-traditional' families, he asked: "Why do people cling to the myth of the nuclear family?" adding that "a glance through history suggests there's nothing natural about the "traditional" family, and societies have found countless different ways of organising themselves".


Completely gone. With all the problems affecting ordinary people, cabinet minister Jim Murphy decided to call for the Strictly Come Dancing judges to be sacked. Incidentally, take the amount of press coverage handed to Strictly Come Dancing and compare it with New Labour's latest lot of benefit cuts or the umpteenth rise in train fares. No contest. Feed the little people shit.

How many times have we heard it before? "MP criticises energy firm charges ", calls "on the energy regulator Ofgem to launch an inquiry". This week Conservative MP Peter Luff criticised the companies' direct debit schemes and the "real temptation for the companies to boost their cash flow at a time of economic recession. It's the free market, Mr Luff.

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