Saturday, November 22, 2008

The sacking of Jon Gaunt

Are we witnessing the return of sanity?

What a month. You thought the Brand and Ross saga would have been enough to pull the plug on that particular type (I was gonna say 'brand') of oversexed, lairy entertainment. Now, loudmouth Sun columnist and TalkSport presenter Jon Gaunt has been given the boot for calling a Tory councillor 'Nazi' and an 'ignorant pig' during a debate over banning smokers from fostering children. Is sanity slowly returning? Or is our democracy turning into a load of broadcasters frozen with fear?

Or perhaps the questions that should be posed are different ones. How is it that our TV and radio suddenly turned into a headline-grabbing contest for the presenter that insults the most and swears the loudest? When exactly did we decide that bullying should be worshipped and rewarded? Can you honestly say our broadcasting is better off now than, say, ten years ago?

To read more about Gaunt's sacking, here's what the BBC, the Daily Mail and the Guardian said. The Independent made that extra step and decided to feature an interview with the 'big animal' .


Madam Miaow said...

I notice the normally garrulous Chris Moyles is keeping his head down.

Stan Moss said...

Personally, Chris Moyles is the other one epitomising the typical cheeky lairy Sun-reading lad. He gets a load of money too. I can't remember the figure but we're not miles away from Wossyland.

thepatriot said...

What type of radio presenters do you guys actually like? Someone back from the dead? A graveyard DJ? Dad's Army?