Tuesday, November 25, 2008


One of the things in life that makes me want to get my power tools out and cause medieval-style harm are stories of animal cruelty.
Today the BBC reported the story of two PCs who were filmed by their concerned neighbours beating and torturing their two pet dogs, one of them a Rottweiler puppy. The vigilant neighbour had previously called the RSPCA on several occasions but they found 'no evidence' of cruelty. That was until she installed a camera overlooking the couple's yard and filmed hours if footage. The two shitheads were given fines, over 100 hours of community service and banned from keeping animals for 5 years.

Here at Hagley Road we could think of some rather more satisfying punishments for these two, but we'd have to bring them into the basement of Warwick Castle to do it properly.

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