Monday, November 17, 2008

Melanie Phillips on Baby P

We were starting to worry. The Daily Mail's chief opinionatrix hadn't yet pontificated about Baby P and left-wing atrocities.

With the scores of columns penned on the subject of Baby P and his tragic story, I thought the ever-excitable Melanie was being conspicuous by her absence. No one's better than our Daily Mail opinionatrix-in-chief at blaming "multiculturalism", no matter what. Even when Steven Gerrard picks up a thigh injury you can be sure the fault lays with multiculturalism, left-wing councils and the progressive intelligentsia.

Rest assured, Melanie didn't desert us and here she is in all her glory. They're all mentioned. "Social workers indoctrinated in political correctness", "activist judges", "corrupted academics", "feminist zealots" and "spineless male child psychologists and psychiatrists and sociologists who all connived at the Big Lie". Then, the icing on the cake:

"But the people who really have blood on their hands (our emphasis - ed.) are the progressive intelligentsia who have simply written orderly, married, normative family life out of the script, enforced the doctrines of multi-culturalism and nonjudgmentalism with the zealotry of the fanatic, and caused Britain to descend into an age of barbarism". Phew.

Thank you Melanie. Now we know. Perhaps this is why Myra Hindley and Ian Brady killed. Because they weren't married. Oh but hang on. Then you look at Fred and Rosemary West. They were married. They were monocultural. Still they buried people in their back garden. Perhaps it's because Gloucester town council were Labour. Or were they? Maybe they were just anticipating political correctness gone mad? How does it work, Melanie? Enlighten us, will you?


Anita said...

I'm sick of this. Everytime something happens that involves a single mum or similar you get an onslaught of hare-filled articles about the demise of traditional families.

Madam Miaow said...

What you really want is to force people who can't stand each other to live together in harmony but without the use of drugs to take them to Happy Land.

Then maybe turf them out of their public housing and take away their benefits to teach them good manners and how to respect authority.

Yes, that's what children need. Screaming heeby-jeeby poverty. Well looks good on paper, dunnit?

Gareth James said...

Ms Phillips' sin is to care about this country. Unlike the sorry excuse for a government we've had for 12 years who have sold Britain off to Brussels and the immigrants.

Madam Miaow said...

Gareth, Ms Phillips cares about the people in this country like a scientist cares about a lab rat.

Mitochondria tests reveal we're all immigrants. Some are a bit more recent, that's all.

Johnny Taronja said...

I reckon this gareth james ain't for real. I reckon he's a leninist really. I'm calling your bluff, Gareth...